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Where do I start?

Fulfill YOUR needs, not others

If you have decided that you want an e-reader/tablet, it’s time to start searching the options available in the market. If you haven’t started searching yet, you will eventually find out that you might get burden by several brands, models, and tons of features out there, making this process complicated.

Be cautious here. You probably have friends/relatives that has a specific e-reader/tablet, as well as you might have gone on-line or talked to a salesperson in a store about the pros and cons of each gadget. People tend to present their own perspective of the device they have or like, but what matters here are not the interests of salesperson trying to make his quote, nor your friends desires, but what YOU want/need.

The most tricky question you should first answer is … what to you want the e-reader/tablet for?

When you dive into the amount of information and options, it becomes hard to figure out which one you should  choose. I’ve been in this place and I also had a few devices from different  brands as well.

Here I present you my personal experience, the summary of my extensive research in this field, and my hands-on experience with different e-readers/tablets that allows me to share with you my knowledge in order to help you out in making the best decision you can make.


Concentrate in the major brands in the market

Before we get started, you must know that I won’t cover a review/comparison of all the brands availalbe in the market, but I will concentrate in the three major brands of e-reader/tablet market in the present state-of-the-art status:

  • Kindle (from
  • Nook (from Barnes & Nobles)
  • iPad (from Apple)

You might ask me why I don’t present other brands such as Sony, Samsung, Kobo and other. Are they bad devices? Are there any problems with them? Absolutely not. They are good brands and you might find good reviews over the internet comparing all kinds of brands (I’ve done it before) but, instead of helping me figure out what would be the best e-reader/tablet for my needs, it only made the screening process more overwhelming. I felt burden below all technical details which I could barely understand when I first started my search.

So why do I concentrate this review only on Kindle, Nook, and iPad devices? The answer is very simple …

  1. These brands dominate over 95% of the e-readers/tablets market at present;
  2. These brands offer many different options of models to fit YOUR needs, while the others has a “one number fits all” policy… and I believe you have the right to choose what’s best for you;
  3. Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Apple are by far the major on-line stores where you can buy e-books;
  4. Compatibility issues: in order for an e-book to be read by an e-reader/tablet, its’ format must be compatible with the device (this is one of the procudures companies use to protect their market). There are ways around it that I will discuss later on, but our focus is to make it simple. Bottom line to  avoid compatibility issues: if you have a Kindle, just buy your e-books from Amazon; if you have a Nook, go to Barnes and Nobles to buy your e-books from them and, if you have an iPad, just go to Apple Store and your all set. The prices of the e-books in all these stores are basically the same!!!