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Mother’s Day Gifts

Make your mother happy on her very day by giving her a tablet … she will be very happy in receiving an iPad, a Kindle or a Nook, but make it even more memorable by giving her something personal.

A personal gift always brings an emotional impact, and you won’t regret seeing the smile on her face.

Lit up her spirit, make her heart shine by adding a little more to your present; nurture her inner being with words through a tablet but nurture her heart with a personal gift.

Here are some suggestion for a mother’s day gift …

Human Resources and Management Books

People do not plan to fail, they fail to plan …

Based on people’s natural behavior, we tend to accommodate longer than we should and, considering an evolutionary perspective, it should not be like that.

Our survival strategies are no longer to avoid being eaten by a dangerous animal our to fight for our own land … today, our challenge is to find and keep our job, specially if you’re working in the human resources and management fields.

Knowledge has never been so important as now-a-days and, based on this perception, we strongly recommend the following books to boost your professional career in management: